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If you write make sure you're running `cargo clean` every once in a while... it took my Hemingway directory from nearly 4GB to 1.3MB 😲

Wahoo I have resurrected an old 2-switch macropad I had laying around! Debugging firmware is fun :)

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My ideal (and probably impossible) future of tech is a world where everyone (or every household and business) owns their own server(s) (maybe colocated?) that runs all their stuff, like document sharing, IoT/"smart" devices, social networking, Web caching and searching, etc. etc. and everything is federated so everyone can still interact with each other.

There are things we can do to make this more feasible, but I don't expect it to happen easily or anytime soon.

I'm going to try to drive more like we're all on the same team and our goal is for everyone to get where they're going and less like it's me vs. everyone else and I have to fight through them to get to my destination

Another reason to switch to iPhone... the price tag still hurts tho, especially when the Pixel 4a will only be $349 and would probably serve my needs well. We shall see!

I have been seized by a sudden desire to make my own notebook from scratch... None of the notebooks I've found so far have all the features I need for an ideal bullet journaling notebook. Defo gonna trawl the web looking for tutorials once I'm done with this silly paper

Next move for Hemingway: getting rid of all the `unwrap`s

PSA fo xv6: "If you get errors like "undefined reference to `__udivdi3'", you probably don't have the 32-bit gcc multilib. If you're running Debian or Ubuntu, try installing the gcc-multilib package."

C fellas really do be out here naming their functions `htons` or `ntohl` smh

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I feel guilty when I write C in Code instead of Vim, but it's just so much nicer... Maybe I don't have the right plugins installed 🤔

Hemingway 0.7.1 is out, featuring way faster feed fetching thanks to using futures correctly!


Perhaps what's most infuriating about coronavirus is that there's room for _opinions_
My idealist mind hates the idea that something as rooted in science and observable data should be subject to people's _opinions_.

"You know, say what you will about America, $13 still gets you a hell of a lot of mice"


PSA to people learning Rust: you can return stuff from `match` statements!!!

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Sentence structure is the key to good, interesting writing.

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