ugh fine ok I'm gonna install Zig let's see if this is cool or not

Looks like my site is doing ok re: the environment! Gonna check out green hosting tho

This is pretty much exactly how I was interviewed at Switchbit and it's one of the main reasons I'm joining them after I get out. I was treated like a human being rather than a statistic, and it really made a difference in the process.

As of yesterday, I'm officially free of all mainstream social media! (I don't really count linkedin because it's specialized, but I'll probably delete my account there as well soon since I've never actually gotten a job lead from there)

I see a lot of folks who are undoubtedly talented, smart people hamstrung by poor goal-setting and by the field's obsession with making $200k a year in SF at a FAANG company right out of college. So many folks that could make meaningful contributions to computing feel like failures because they aren't able to achieve what the field has labelled "success". We need to change this!!

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The number of depressed and panicking CS students on r/csmajors makes me really sad. It's so unfortunate that our field can create so much anxiety and stress in some of the most brilliant people around. I'm seriously thinking about running some sort of mentoring program for CS students to help out with things like interview anxiety, school stress, and just general quality-of-life improvements.

The Pixel 4a's battery life is astounding! I charged it upwards of 24 hours ago and I still have enough juice to last until 6pm or so.

Having an accountant for a best friend is really REALLY handy sometimes

Wow it's amazing how much better I do at interviews that are structured as conversations versus inquisitions. It's almost like people do their best work when not stressed out?¿?‽

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Just cleaned up my social profiles. It's so toxic.

Towards a larger personal goal of mine - "#FediFirst" a complete guide to prioritize and switch to the fediverse over other corporate social media.

I'll blog on this later. Perhaps a video on PeerTube? 👀

#fediverse #privacy #minimalism


Are there US style debates in any other successful democracy in the world? Because this is a clown show that I'm deeply ashamed of. The questions are so vague, they seem to almost be designed to foment the nonsensical quibbering that spouts up every few minutes. So so so ridiculous.

if we know that software hiring is broken.... WHY AREN'T WE MAKING CHANGES

It's astounding how low the bar is for corporate web applications in the academic world. I go to the number 5 CS school in the country, but our advising app doesn't even have a footer that sticks to the bottom of the page. If I tried to give my clients this level of UI at my consulting firm, I'd be run out of town on a rail!!

how to send stuff back to yourself when you're ssh'd into a remote server:

This bug has made me miss Rust immensely. C is great, but you really shouldn't be able to smash the stack that easily in 2020.

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I just remembered the really weird part! This bug isn't happening on my Ubuntu machine, only on the Red Hat school servers. Why wasn't the stack being smashed there? I'll have to do some detective work in the morning 🧐

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I was gobsmacked when I saw that calling `recv` would suddenly cause a huge chunk of my locals to become 0.... but not all of them! My sleep deprived brain took a second to realize this meant that the stack was being clobbered, and eventually realized that I was reading 512 bytes into a 40 byte buffer 🤦‍♂️
I'm kinda proud of myself for being able to effectively debug with gdb.

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Holy moly. It took an hour and a half of stepping through this socket code in gdb to figure out that the stack was being smashed after calling recv because my buffer was too small.

Arg parsing in C do be challenging tho

It's confirmed: I'm writing this assembler in 😎

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